Perfetto. Delizioso.

How is Gelatiamo different? Our gelato and sorbet are made fresh daily in small batches, on site in our downtown Seattle location. Each recipe is unique, developed by founder Maria Coassin.

  • Rather than adding a flavor to a pre-made base (a common practice for ice cream and gelato shops), every Gelatiamo recipe is made from scratch, allowing the flavors to shine and for the product to achieve impeccable texture.
  • We source premium ingredients with a preference for organic (our milk) and local (our fruits) whenever possible.
  • Some of our specialty flavors include local lavender, honey, wine and beer.
  • We scout the world for certain specialty ingredients: hazelnut from Piedmont, organic vanilla from Madagascar, pistachios from Sicily and dark couverture from Tanzania


Why gelato is special


Gelato is the Italian word for ‘frozen’. Here are some things you may not know about gelato:

  • Gelato contains less butterfat (4% to 8%) than ice cream (14% to 20%).
  • Richer in texture, gelato incorporates less air than ice cream.
  • Though the name means ‘frozen’, Gelato is served at a warmer temperature than ice cream.
  • Gelatiamo gelato is made fresh each day using thoughtfully-selected local, natural, organic ingredients.

You can enjoy our superior gelato by the scoop, in pints and quarts, or in one of our signature gelato cakes. You can also find Gelatiamo at many local markets, cafes and restaurants around the Puget Sound area. Pints of your favorite gelato are also available for shipping – contact us for information.

Gelato cakes

A perfect combination of gelato and traditional pastry, our beautifully-decorated gelato cakes are a unique treat that will impress at any occasion. Gelato cakes are also becoming a popular alternative to the traditional wedding cake.

Most cakes offer two flavors of gelato layered on top of a sponge cake, lightly soaked with Marsala wine. Choose from our daily in-store selections or order your own unique combination. Call us for daily flavor selections or to custom order. Gluten free options are available. Please allow 48 hours for special orders.

6” Cakes – $30.00 / 8” Cakes – $45.00 / 9” Cakes – $50.00
Recipes include: Chocolate – Hazelnut, Chocolate – Stracciatella (chocolate chip), Strawberry – Pistachio, Chocolate – Raspberry, Tiramisu’, and seasonal flavor combinations.

Individual cakes – $6.25
Recipes include: Chocolate – Raspberry, Strawberry – Pistacchio, and Tiramisu’ and seasonal flavors.


Frozen novelties


We have several unique semifreddo and gelato novelties, such as bon bons and gelato pops, available in our downtown store. Enjoy one in our cafe or take them home to share with your family. Semifreddo have a slower melting point than gelato, making them particularly good for transporting. Our frozen novelties are available on our catering menu as well.