Panettone is, without a doubt, a symbol of the Italian holiday season. Its origins can be found as far back as the middle ages, when bakers were allowed to use wheat, which was scarce and precious at the time, to bake large loafs of bread to celebrate Christmas. This tradition evolved in the city of Milan to become what we all know today as panettone: a sweet bread rich in creamy butter, fresh eggs, candied orange and lemon peel and plump raisins.

Gelatiamo is proud to have been the first bakery in Seattle to make panettone in 1996. That Christmas, Maria’s dad Silvio brought the recipe that had been in the Coassin family for many generations to Seattle.

Making panettone is not a simple baking process. Each batter of this special sweet bread requires “care of the ingredients, respect of time, expert hands of the artisan baker and a lot of love!” The baker must be patient and allow nature to work its magic. The dough is left to rise five times – each time more ingredients are added. In total, it takes twenty seven hours before the bread finds its way to the oven.

We hope you share the love and craftsmanship of this family tradition with your family and friends. Available for shippping during the holidays. Contact us if you’d like to place a large order.

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