Valentine’s Day Items

Here at Gelatiamo, we love a day that celebrates love, which means Valentine’s Day doesn’t go unnoticed. Whether you’re celebrating your lover, sibling, friend, coworker, or simply having a day to love yourself, we’ve got all of the impeccable desserts you could need!


Frozen Novelties

  • Red Velvet Semifreddo: A velvety and indulgent cream cheese semifreddo speckled with bits of red velvet, and two layers of a moist in-house baked red velvet cake. Topped with our Italian meringue and chocolate decorations. Perfect to share with your valentine, or just for yourself!



Gelato Products

  • Heart Shaped Gelato Cakes: A few will be available in our case for in store purchase, however, if you want to be sure you get one, or want to customize it, give us a call. (Note: Please allow 48 hours for special notice.)


  • Chocolate Strawberry Mini Gelato Cakes (with chocolate dipped strawberries)


  • Red Velvet Bon-bon Boxes: These beautiful bon-bons are filled with red velvet semifreddo layered on a chocolate cookie dipped in chocolate.


Gelato Recipes

  • Chocolate: Creamy. Delicious. Classic.
  • Bacio (also available at Pagliacci’s Pizza): A chocolate-hazelnut recipe. We use hazelnuts from Italy to create the hazelnut flavor, and then marble in Oregon hazelnuts for the crunchy texture. It’s delizioso!
  • Grapefruit Sorbet: Refreshing and light, this light pink recipe is truly exceptional (and it’s vegan!).
  • Blood Orange (Sanguinella) Sorbet: This bright recipe is perfect for a post-lunch treat. We only have this incredible flavor for a limited time so hurry in to try it.
  • Strawberry: Pair this fruity flavor with chocolate for a match made in Valentine’s Day heaven.

Baked Goods

  • Heart shaped cakes are available in our Diplomatica, Millefoglie, Delicata Alla Frutta, and Torta di Cioccolato. Call us to order one for your beloved!
  • Mini red velvet cupcakes are available for purchase. This is the only time of the year that we offer these delicious mini treats and they’re worth a visit on their own! (They are also great for work meetings!)
  • Hearts and kisses cookie boxes are filled with our famous baci di dama cookies and heart shaped occhi cookies.
  • Petite four trays featuring miniature versions of our incredible pastries are available in our pastry case.
  • Baci di dama cookies are beautifully packaged and great for grabbing on the go.